Huizhou delip Safety Products Co., Ltd .

Enterprise vision:    
Becoming the world's leading modern equipment manufacturing enterprise         
Enterprise mission:    
Continue to create value for customers and make a great contribution to the modern equipment manufacturing industry        
Enterprise values:    
Honesty, responsibility, respect, happiness   
Enterprise concept:    
1, the idea of talent: the use of Golden Triangle: moral character + ability + loyalty    
2. Management concept: quality, efficiency, innovation, service    
3, management concept: principle + synergy + Learning    
4, customer concept: full participation, the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction         
The eight principles of management:    
1, the interests of the enterprise are supreme.    
2, no abuse of power, participation in the operation of the managers in the company shall not be reimbursed personal expenses;    
3, the use of people is not only relative, to the value contribution oriented;    
4, do not engage in gang doctrine;    
5, respect the boss, integrity, tolerance, unity;    
6, continuous learning, continuous progress, the end of the elimination;    
7, should not be abusive, abusive or deceiving others;    
8. Prohibition of fighting, drinking, gambling, drug use and theft.         
The principle of inviolability:    
1. Betraying the company, selling others    
2. Injustice and injustice treat people    
3. Lie    
4, fight, drink, gamble, take drugs    
5, cliques, relationship  
6, oppression, pollution (insult) insult others
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